Year 2 Dance- Great Fire of London

This term Year 2 pupils have been using the Great Fire of London as their dance stimulus to tie in with their topic work.  They been thinking about how the movement of fire can be shown through the medium of dance and what body shapes could represent buildings?  They have been working on both individual and partner movements using cannon and unison and moving to a beat.  Their inspiration of the building shapes was taken from some of the art work they had completed.
Here was their art work that they used for inspiration:


Year 5 Fitness

Year 5 have been undertaking a variety of fitness activities thinking about how exercise effects our bodies and learning how to take and record their heart rates.  One of the activities they did was fitness monopoly where they worked in groups, selecting a leader and carried out the exercises accordingly. Lots of fun had while seeing where they could get on the board!


At Shiplake CE Primary, we believe that PE is an essential part of the curriculum, providing children with the opportunity to experience a broad variety of physical activities that will allow them to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and physically active lifestyle.  All pupils have at least two hours of PE a week. Our curriculum is designed to be challenging and give all learners the fundamental knowledge, skills and understanding through high quality and progressive teaching. Our teaching of PE enables pupils to develop values and transferable life skills such as fairness and respect, cooperation, leadership and resilience. Children are given the opportunity to demonstrate these valuable skills by participating regularly in competitive sport during lessons and through inter-house and inter-school competitions.


PE Policy 2020 (Reviewed by Sonia Smith 2020)

Safety in PE policy 2020 (Reviewed by Sonia Smith 2020)