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A Visit from Mrs Boughey

As part of Year 2’s Science topic, Animals Including Humans, Mrs Boughey visited Year 2 this to show them her incubator she uses to hatch chicken eggs. They discovered all the different parts of the incubator and why they were so important. Year 2 are very excited for Mrs Boughey to return once the chick have hatched!


At Shiplake Primary School it is our intention that the science curriculum encourages children to be curious. Our curriculum intends to capture the excitement of scientific discovery, through providing children with a wide range of interesting and enjoyable experiences. This allows the children to raise and answer questions about the world around them in a meaningful way and helps them to develop their scientific knowledge, skills and vocabulary. As the children progress through the school they become more independent in leading their own learning and lines of enquiry. In this way, we intend to bring science to life for all pupils. 


To encourage children to:

  • develop a questioning mind through a range of interesting and enjoyable experiences
  • develop a systematic and logical way of working
  • apply skills and knowledge to investigations
  • come to a gradually deepening understanding of scientific concepts
  • work safely and carefully.

Science Policy   (February 2021)