Year 2

My aim is to create a cheerful classroom and I’ll do all I can  to provide an engaging and creative curriculum, which incorporates and creates opportunities for active, hands on based learning. Children should be provided with high expectations that together we strive to achieve. Together we hope to develop a  resilient attitude towards learning to help pupils learn from their mistakes and understand that these are fundamental in their journey through school and indeed life!

In English, we continue to develop reading through phonics sessions and encourage children’s love of reading through the shared use of quality texts including poetry, stories and non-fiction. We’ll develope their understanding of comprehensions so that they’re able to actively take part in discussions, explaining their understanding, answering, and asking questions and making predictions and inferences.

We aim to develop the children’s enjoyment of writing using a variety of stimuli including stories, poetry, film, pictures and personal experiences. Children learn to write for different purposes and audiences becoming familiar with their expectations through the use of shared and modelled writing. Children gain an understanding of the different stages of writing as they learn to plan their writing, link their ideas, use a range of sentence types and vocabulary and check their writing makes sense by re-reading and making proof reading corrections.

In Maths, we begin working very practically using a range of concrete apparatus, such as: base ten, Numicon, the bead string and place value counters.  We want to give them the tools and confidence to tackle problem solving and reasoning questions.

In Science, the four areas of learning are Living things and their habitats, Plants, Animals, including humans and Uses of everyday materials. During the year the children will experience different practical activities and consider different scientific questions.

The children will learn RE through ‘Big Questions’ that they explore through the term through bible the religions of Christianity and Judaism. Among them : What do Christians believe God is like? Why does Christmas matter to Christians? Do religious symbols mean the same to everyone? How should you spend the weekend? and,Can stories change people?

In PSHE, we cover three core themes including; Health and wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the wider world. Within this they will explore what makes a good friend, who to go to if they need help, their own emotions, how we have different responsibilities and many more.

In History, pupils will learn about significant dates in the past and how to put this on a timeline with other historical events. They will research The Great Fire of London; how it began, the impacts and how they got through it.  They will also look at a range of famous historians including; Rosa Parks and Emily Davison.

In Geography, the children will develop their knowledge of the world. They will develop their locational knowledge by learning to name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans. They study an African country and look for similarities and differences in the human and physical geography of a familiar small area of the United Kingdom.

In ICT/Computing the focuses are computer science, information technology and digital literacy. They will be taught to use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content through the use of PowerPoint and Word and will practise basic skills using the 2Simple software. They will also learn how to use technology safely, by exploring digital footprints, how to search safely online and what websites are suitable for children.

In Art we develop their creativity through a range of different media. They will experiment and explore colour mixing, use salt dough, clay and paint. They will look into the work of the artists of Giacometti and Georgia O’Keffe. In D&T they will create Model houses and bread to link to our them of The Fire of London.

In Music, we follow the Charanga musical School Scheme. They will explore a range of songs from different genres. The children learn to understand the vocabulary and difference between Pulse, Rhythm and Pitch.  They explore and create music using classroom percussion instruments such as the Xylophones.

In PE they will cover a broad range of physical activities, taking part in many team and individual sports. They will master the basic movements of running, throwing and catching, whilst developing their balance, co-ordination and agility. They will experience and learn the rules of Football, Rugby, Rounders, Gymnastics, Dance, Benchball, Athletics and Fitness.

Nicky Boyd
Year 2 Class Teacher / Key Stage 1 Leader / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 2 Events

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

For Children’s Mental Health Week, this year, the theme is all about GROWING TOGETHER – where we are encouraged to consider how we have grown so far and how we can help others to grow. We all came in with an item to share to the class in how this 

The Great Fire of London Bakery!

Did you know that The Great Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane? Ask our Year 2’s all about how the fire starts they have learnt some amazing facts! We transformed our classroom into a bakery but thankfully we didn’t start The Great Fire of Shiplake!

KS1 trip to the Pantomime!

Oh no they didn’t! Oh yes they did, Year two went to watch Beauty and the Beast and it was a big hit with Year 2! Thank you Hexagon, Reading for having us we love it!

Christmas Party 2022

     Year 2 had a very special visitor come today, he told them all about his magical reindeers and even left behind some presents! We then enjoyed an afternoon of Christmas part games!! Do you like our toilet roll snowmen? We think they look very cool!

Year 2 Christmas Play 2022

Year 2 performed ‘It’s a Baby’ to their Mums and Dads this year taking the roles of Mary, Joseph, Narrators, Kings and many more!!

Year 2 Fantastic Write – Christmas 2022

Santa took a visit to Shiplake Primary School this year, leaving behind all of his belongings! he left a note to tell Year 2 that Rudolph had gone missing so they set off making missing posters to help Santa find him!

Year 1 and 2 Tag Rugby Tournament

  Year 1 and 2 went  Henley Rugby Club to take part in a Rugby Festival against other Henley schools. Their rugby skill were put to the test but all the children performed brilliant and they had a lot of fun as you can see by all the smiles!