Classroom Corner

Classroom Corner

Admissions 2022 – virtual and face to face tour dates

We are delighted to be able to confirm the dates for our virtual and face to face school visits Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 9.30am – virtual meeting with the Headteacher, Foundation Stage staff and Chair of Governors Wednesday 1st December 2021 from 9.30am to 11.30am – face to face 

Admissions 2022 – virtual and face to face tour dates

We are delighted to be able to confirm the dates for our virtual and face to face school visits Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 9.30am – virtual meeting with the Headteacher, Foundation Stage staff and Chair of Governors Wednesday 1st December 2021 from 9.30am to 11.30am – face to face 

Year 5 Residential – Wednesday 20th October

Our Year 5 class are going to be enjoying a PGL ‘Big Reconnect’ residential experience very soon. On Wednesday 20th October 2021, Mrs White (Year 5 Teacher/KS2 Leader) along with 2 other members of staff will be taking the class to the PGL Activity Centre in Liddington to experience activities 

Attention Reception and Year 1 parents/carers!! Phonics and Reading Workshop coming soon!

We would like to invite parents and carers of our Reception and Year 1 children to attend a phonics and reading workshop on Monday 27th September from 2.45pm to 3.15pm in the School Hall.   During this workshop, we will demonstrate activities, share resources and explain the reading book system used 

On-line Safety Information Evening for Parents and Carers

We have organised a virtual On-line Safety Information Evening for all Parents and Carers.  This will take place on Wednesday 6th October and will start at 7pm.  We anticipate it to run for one hour.  Julie Tavender – a teaching consultant from Turniton (our IT providers) is running the event 

Remote Education Provision – information for parents

We’ve uploaded our Remote Education Provision statement on the ‘About us’ ‘Important Information’ tab – please follow the link for further information.

Miss Boyd in a panda suit?!

Unfortunately this didn’t happen but Artist and Illustrator told year 2 their drawings might wander off the page. Polar bears are the perfect winter animal to be drawing right now. Year 2 sharpened their pencils and enjoyed sketching and painting along with #hollysurplice – Artist/ Author/ Illustrator and Mum of 


Ok Elves: These impish figures have woven their way through art and literature ( think Shakespeare) for thousands of years. We think Year 6’s creations are both beautiful and magical. #elves #baubles #art #elves #pointy #hats #art #creativity #shiplake#conmunity #oxfordshire #school      

Shepherds and Robins

Look at Year 6’s robin cards made using watercolour and colour mixing atop with pencil. There’s collage too. Year 4 have used mixed media to create their shepherds learning about perspective along the way. Exactly what we need to see on a gloomy wet day. Happy Friday everyone. #christmas #christmasiscoming 

Gloriously vibrant starry night pictures

Feeling thankful

We’re very lucky to have an American ?? teacher called Jessica. She’s thrown us all a fabulous party today at Shiplake Village Nursery and will be up at school later to help us all enjoy a tradition that encourages us all to be thankful. #thankful #thanksgiving⁠⁠ #values #faith #kindness #inspiring 

Come and see our school !

Please join us for a virtual look around our school at either 11.00 am or 2.00pm on Thursday 10th December. You’ll be able to ‘meet’ staff and governors and ask us any questions. It’s all via Zoom. Please email us with your preferred time and we’ll send you a link 

Your raised £147 this year

Fields of poppies

we’ll be taking time out today to remember what it means for us now, and for those who gave their lives so that we might live today in our communities. This beautifully made memorial is in Binfield Heath. For anyone who missed this morning’s Service of Remembrance. It is available 

We’re delighted to be welcoming you to ‘see’ our school and ‘meet’ our staff !

Please join us at either 11.00 am or 2.00pm on Thursday 10th December. You’ll be able to ‘meet’ staff and governors and ask us any questions. It’s all via Zoom. Please email us with your preferred time and we’ll send you a link to join. or call us on 

we Love a bit of sparkle at Shiplake CE Primary !

[video src="" /]

All the old paintings on the tombs – spot the lyrics and the era Year 5 are studying.

Sprinkle Magic Project : Reception parents and teachers give up their time in half term


Just an illusion? Glorious Op Art made by Year 2

Sprinkle Magic Project : There is some kind of magic being worked In the playground….

Happy Half Term !

Reviews are in for Year 3 and 4’s Bookclub

We’re open for 2021 Admissions !

Children see, see hear and ask questions from authors such as Cressida Cowell and Katherine Rundell this week!

Gorgeous and colouful self-portraits by Reception at Shiplake Primary School

Year 2’s brilliant drawings – thanks to a visit by Artist Marion Deuchars

Yippee Book Club Is Back!

Born to be wild….if you can cycle to school this morning then please do.

First Day

[video src="" /]

Here’s our message to all our children from all of us at Shiplake Primary School.


Welcome Back!

Just look at Mrs Page-Howie’s avatar on her postcard to each and every child !

And Year 6 got an extra special postcard. 

Farmer Simons Crop Update !

IMG_8444 Look at the changes to the countryside and the crops since we first started finding out about th food growing around us.  We’ve only able to run a short clip here, please see Instagram or Facebook for the full report and to see the special appearance from Mildred the 

Bridget Riley stand aside – Year 5 ‘Op Artists’ are in the house!

Sports Day 2020 !


Term dates

Year 1 Sing A Rainbow

Year 1 at Shiplake Primary School – Sing a Rainbow. Unfortunately Miss Boyd was not available to sing this for us today, but she has promised she’ll make herself available with her tambourine, if we are lucky next term. Please see our Facebook page for all the photos.      

Monet was a master of light as Year 4 have been finding out

Monet was the master of light and colour some say. Year 4 have absorbed this and created their own vibrant masterpieces with their use of full on zinging colours. Brilliant to look at their water lilies and more on a dull day like this.

It’s Thursday so let’s make a tornado in a bottle or a helicopter they said.

This is what Science is about at our school. Luckily parents and pupils get that. We’re very proud of each and every one of them. We’re awarding gold ⭐️ ‘s for inspired use of  gaffer tape. IMG_7714

Weekly Science Challenge✅✅✅✅✅


Do you know the names of the crops that grow around school? Farmer Simon is here to play Crop Quiz!


Year 3 create their own version of a Gainsborough

Mr and Mrs Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough is on display at the National Gallery in London. Luckily for you Year 3 have each painted a section for you which has been artfully ( see what we did there?!) been put together by Miss Marrison. Gainsborough would have been delighted with 

Want to know who has been loving the rain? Why Farmer Simon of course.

Want to know who’s been loving today’s rain ☔️ and what the poppies beside school are used for? please see our Facebook and Instagram pages. Coming soon, we’ll have a ‘ Crop Quiz’ for you.  We know how to have a good Friday night at Shiplake Primary with Farmer Simon

Uniform for new starters in September should be ordered by 9th August

Don’t be fooled these are laboratories not kitchens.

Time to leave the kitchen, Year 5 scientists are at work investigating insoluble and s0luble liquids. Science is fun at this school.    

This is no ordinary marble run, this is a Shiplake Primary Marble Run.

This is no ordinary marble run, this is a Shiplake Primary Marble Run with bends and twists and copper piping like no other. Built by Grace and Rose with the help of their brilliant Daddy,  we think it’s the BEST MARBLE RUN of 2020 – what do you think ? 

We LOVE Science at Shiplake Primary School

We LOVE science at this school – it finds it way into pretty much every aspect of our lives in one way or another. So, we thought you might like to try out some science based projects at home. Last week’s was a marble run and this week’s is making 

Immeasurable Smiles from Year 2 !

    Look at Year 2 at Shiplake Primary – those smiles are immeasurable, forget their measuring skills. Sometimes home learning can be a lot of fun, maybe it’s because it involved water. Who knows or cares? We just ? the results. What were they measuring? Mostly Volume and capacity 

How can I be a good friend?

  Learning to be a good friend takes a lot of work as William from Year 1 has been learning. We think it might be one to cut out and keep on your fridge. Your welcome.    

We’re rolling out the virtual red carpet…

  It may be wet, home schooling may be proving trickier by the day but just look at the bumper crop of winners at Shiplake Primary.  Enjoy trampling on that red carpet.     IMG_7186

Blue Peter has nothing on Miss Boyd.

                                                        She’s all over collaging with her bubble wrap and grey paint. Lucky, lucky Year 1 at Shiplake Primary get to see her 

Farmer Simon is here to help us stay connected at Shiplake Primary.

Do you fancy visiting a farm soon? Farmer Simon is a local farmer who is looking forward to welcoming Shiplake Village Primary children to his farm once it is safe to do so. In the meantime he’s kindly providing regular videos showing us what’s growing, how food is made and 

Author Abi Elphinstone says Year 5 are “ brilliantly talented kids.”

But we know this !!!! ?Year 5 @shiplakeprimaryschool were lucky enough to see the successful writer of ‘The Dreamsnatcher’, Abi Elphinstone a while back. They learnt she loves doing star jumps and used to love sleeping under the ⭐️ ‘s in glens. We’ve uncovered examples of their writing tucked away 

Happy, happy, happy !

Because we’re happy on a Thursday at Shiplake Primary School – Headteacher, Katherine Page-Howie is particularly happy when she reads about all you are achieving in spite of everything. congratulations ! ?IMG_7057

Lovely to see the faces and the creativity of children in this week’s Henley Standard

                                      Lovely to see the faces and the creativity of children ( and grandparents) at Shiplake Primary.    

Yoga at Shiplake Primary

For those of you feeling a bit low on ideas – Jessica who is an early year’s teacher at Shiplake Village Nursery as well as a trained yoga teacher has kindly created yoga videos for you to try with your children. Namaste ? everyone. Here is her Vimeo link : 

J. k Rowling’s new book is out and free to download.

Year’s 1 and 2 are the ? ‘s in The Children’s Challenge.

Full Results see website. 

It’s Thursday ( we think? )and Values Awards Day!

[video src="" /]

? Fox’s Socks read by Madeleine in Year 3

Madeleine in Year 3 has kindly shared her favourite book when she was at #shiplakevillagenursery. We hope you are able to enjoy it with your younger children or family. So beautifully read too. Thank-you.

This is a summary of what a phased return might ‘look and feel ‘ like if it were to go-ahead.

Sometimes I’m happy?, sometimes I’m sad?

This is currently most of Year 3 at Shiplake Primary School, back then they were at #Shiplakevillagenursery. We wondered if any of Year 3 would fancy reading their favourite story from the time, whether it be ‘What The Ladybird Heard ‘ or ‘ Q Pootle 5’ or ‘Farmer Duck’ we 

Run, run as fast as you can…. a confectionery of baking and pictures by Reception.


The queue was long but the customers were happy!

  Amazing work being done by Honey, Coco and Cherry pupils at Shiplake Primary School this morning raising money for charity. They and their mum spent all yesterday baking and came up with some incredible creations. The queue was long but the happy customers were happy. Good job ? ?

Science, music, poetry, IT, maths, cooking and art by Year 4.

Science, music, poetry, IT, maths, cooking and art. Year 4 have pretty much everything covered in the imaginative work they’ve been creating over the last few weeks.

We came 1st walking from London to Cairo!

IMG_6527       Well done everyone who ran it or walked from London to Cairo – we came 1st! Brilliant work.

Caring for others is in our DNA.

It’s in Shiplake Primary School’s pupil’s DNA – to think and care about others at the’ coal face’ at this time. Athena and Adella came up with a plan to make money for the NHS. They created cards and badges that sold out within hours and have raised just over 

Beautiful imaginative writing by Year

These couldn’t wait – beautifully written diary entries imagining how children in Year 3 would feel about the ending of the 2nd WW and celebrating VE Day. You might have to zoom into see the text.

VE Day at Shiplake Primary.

However you spend VE Day we hope you have a lovely time. Please check Parentmail for great ideas on what to make, do and eat! These cakes were made by former pupils at #shiplakeprimary for the brilliant staff yesterday. They were much appreciated. Enjoy your day and share your pictures 

Another good week for Shiplake Primary School children

Children managed to demonstrate School Values amidst the madness. Good work all of you.

Imaginative and Inspiring home learning by Year 5

  Imaginative and inspiring home learning is being set by teachers and children are being inspired in turn to have a go. Not all the time, perhaps not every day, but when they apply their minds and creativity look what happens. This is ALL year 5’s work. They are holding 

Shiplake Primary’s artwork brightening up the corridors of The Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Shiplake Primary children have ‘ a great future of baking ahead’ say Great British Menu chefs.

The wonderful owners of Orwells restaurant say children at Shiplake CE Primary “have a great future of baking ahead of them and maybe one day we may even see them on The Great British Bake Off”. ??⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ryan Simpson -Trotman and his husband Liam Simpson-Trotman, both Great British Menu Chefs gave their 

Swishy swashy ! Swishy swashy ! Year 1 have been on a ? hunt.

We wonder if they’ve had to go through long wavy grass to find them.     IMG_6041

Mr T is back and his headband is back too!

    Mr T is back and his headband is too…. and for a limited season only he has a special guest – Mrs Trendell.                

Our Values Award Winners are announced !


Please get your nominations for The Values Award in by 9AM tomorrow.


TTROCKSTARS tension in the house this morning!

IMG_5610 Imagine the tension in the Fairbairn house this moment in time?! ? Brother and sister are on opposite sides, competing in the ##TTRockstars Corona Challenge. Encouraging words just received from Miss Boucher (AKA Most Competitive Teacher in the Whole World). She says “In the words of the goddess #Nike 

Get your game faces on Shiplake Primary !

It’s serious and it starts at 9.30am tomorrow. We have challenged some local schools to take part in #ttrockstars – Corona Challenge! Children just log in to their account and can contribute to our school’s effort by answering questions correctly in any game mode. So far, #Badgemore and #KidmoreEnd have 

3 Little piggies didn’t go to market but opted for DIY

These little piggies didn’t go to market but opted to do DIY with mixed results. Reception children #shiplakeprimaryschool have been learning all about them. Look at these beautiful creations – like the 3 piggies they learnt that hard work sometimes pays off, leaving more time for play.?We’ve included a link 

The Values Award is ON and happening every Thursday.

It’s asking a lot right now, but we are 100% sure you can step up and put those school values into action. Replicating our weekly celebration in school we’re asking you to nominate your child by emailing their class teacher – it could be baking for key workers, or showing 

Morrison or Anderson ? Decide by looking at Year 6’s work on WW2.

Year 6 have been studying the Second World War – making posters along with models of Anderson and Morrison shelters as part of their home learning. The results speak for themselves.

We can’t upset the Captain of Competitiveness can we Shiplake Primary ?

Year 3’s recipes inspired by inventive home learning. ?

They’re off children attempt to run or walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats!

They’re off – children at Shiplake Primary School are hoping to walk or run from Land’s End to John O ‘Groats in a week! Teaming up with The Children’s Challenge they’re competing with other schools to complete the 1.407km! They’re doing it during the hour’s exercise recommended by Govt and 

Paediatric staff at Royal Berks A @ E love Shiplake Primary’s pupils baking.

Leah and Mya have been baking for a while and are pretty nifty ?bakers. Their biscuits and cake were well received tonight by staff. Huge thanks to them both.  

Royal Berkshire staff love the cake from Shiplake Parents.

It’s the start of the new Summer Term on Monday 20th April – the plan so far….

Hello, it’s countdown time till the end of the Easter Holidays and we begin the start of the Summer Term. We hope some of you managed to enjoy the lovely sunny weather despite these rather strange and uncertain times. We’ve loved seeing all that you’ve got up to and hope 

Shiplake CE Primary children have a “ great future of baking ahead” says Orwells owner.

  The Owners of Michelin Star Restaurant Orwells say children at Shiplake CE Primary “have a great future of baking ahead of them and maybe one day we may even see them on The Great British Bake Off”. ??⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Ryan Simpson -Trotman and his husband Liam Simpson-Trotman, both Great British Menu Chefs 

We’re proud to be looking after children of NHS staff and other key workers

We’re still open and looking after children of our brilliant NHS and key workers.We’re proud of our role in the community. These biscuits were sent into school today. We’re feeling grateful to our NHS and for all the support we continue to receive from our families. 

Easter Nest making under the instructions of Mary Berry Boucher.

“Don’t flick it out” were the clear instructions. Nothing says Easter quite like these chocolatey, crunchy corn-flake, eggy thingamy’s.  

The Bayeux Tapestry and Grass Heads by Year 1

Pictures of  the Bayeux Tapestry along with grass heads were done as part of home learning and sent in by parents. So much fun – T bags were squeezed and splodged all over drawings to give that aged effect. That’s history✅  science ✅ and home learning ✅ covered then.  

Shiplake Primary’s Wimmin Who Workout!

There’s a fitness battle at Shiplake CE Primary School. These Wimmin don’t have a T in the title and there ain’t no headband in sight. Be warned Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls you’ve not seen anything quite like Shiplake Primary’s Wimmin Who Workout.    

Thank-you to staff, support staff and parents and A Happy Easter

Bear Snores on – Miss Boyd is helping the nation sleep with her comforting story. (Fact-check : All of Year 1 anyway).

                  It might help us all sleep, Miss Boyd is providing a story for her children to see and read along to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. She’s suggesting that bedtime is a good time to watch it – we agree. We’ve 

Cracking news – the results of this Year’s Decorate An Egg Competition are ……

Some Egg-Citing news just in. The results of Shiplake CE Primary School and Shiplake Village Nursery ‘s Decorate An Egg Contest: 1st – Snow Leopard by Rose     2nd – Three Pandas by Mabel.               3rd – Grand Hatch by Oscar.             

They’ve smashed it – this years entries to Decorate An Egg Competition are Egg-Cellent!

  Here are all the entries on this sort film :   IMG_3698  

Learning all about Rivers and creating beautiful collages along the way.

We just love these pictures, it’s Shiplake CE Primary School in a nutshell. Inspired and inspiring learning, even while we’re all living through very strange times. The home learning sent to children here from their teachers shows just how much they care. Thank-you Miss Marrison. And look, this is just 

Decorate An Egg Competition entries due in today by 3.30pm.

Georgia O’ Keeffe inspired art amongst other glorious creations by the highly creative Year 2

Hear all about the blue ‘t’ shirted octopus with stripey legs by Isla in Year 2

GetFileAttachment Year 2 ‘s imaginations at Shiplake CE Primary are in overdrive. Taking their cue’s from a washing machine( no less). They wondered what it might be like to disappear inside, to an underwater world. Their writing is about to follow