Mathematical thinking is an important discipline, which can be used to describe the world around us and can help us solve problems. Through application of mathematical skills and knowledge, we observe patterns, discover concepts and seek truth.

At Shiplake CE Primary School we have adopted a ‘mastery approach’ to the teaching of mathematics. Through this approach we intend to make the subject accessible to all pupils and allow them all to develop mathematical knowledge and skills. We introduce pupils to concepts in a logical progression while rigorously revisiting previously taught material to develop and secure pupil understanding.

Pupils are taught in whole-class settings, all working together on the same objectives and concepts. These are presented using a combination of concrete manipulatives, pictorial representations and abstract representations.  In this way the ‘ceiling’ is removed from the children’s progression as they are all provided with the same opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding. For those who fail to grasp concepts or skills, classroom support and additional interventions are put in place to ensure pupils make the best progress that they possibly can.

Pupils hone their skills and consolidate their understanding by practising known skills and applying facts in a range of contexts. It is our intention that providing a variety of mathematically rich experiences will help develop the children’s understanding of the elegance and beauty of mathematics and how its associated knowledge and skills are of great value.

It is our intention that our approach to the teaching of mathematics, will develop pupils’ love of the subject and their appreciation of its value while removing the view that maths is something you ‘get or don’t get’.

Maths Policy 2021  (Reviewed by Anthony Tugwell 2021)

Maths calculation policy 2021 (Reviewed by Anthony Tugwell 2021)