Year 4

Anthony Tugwell
Year 4 Class Teacher / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 4 Events

I aim for my classroom to be a place where all pupils and adults feel confident and comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas. A place where children understand the more they put into their learning, the more they will get out of it. I want my classroom environment to support children in their learning through encouraging them to have high expectations of themselves, and be a place which supports and demonstrates our school values.


In English the class will study fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts in order to develop their understanding of a wide range of genre. This will also support the pupils in planning, drafting and improving their own pieces of writing. Each term, every child delivers a talk to the class about a chosen subject. This develops their understanding of how to engage with an audience and develops their speaking and listening skills.

In Mathematics, the children develop their use of mental strategies and informal written methods to solve problems. They will also develop their understanding of more formal methods of written calculation. Key concepts such as place value and number facts that were studied lower down the school will be built on and developed.

In Science, the topics that will be covered are: Electricity, States of matter, Sound, Classification of living things and Teeth and the human digestive system. The children will also develop their scientific skills of investigation and become more independent in conducting investigations.

In R.E the children will continue to develop their understanding of the similarities and diffeerences of world religions with a primary focus on Hinduism and Christianity. Topics that focus on Hinduism will be led by the big questions: ‘Do Murtis help Hindus understand God?’, ‘Is a holy journey necessary for believers?’ and ‘Does Prayer change things?’ Areas of the curriculum which focus on Christianity will be led by the questions: ‘What do Christians learn from the creation story?’, ‘Why do Christians call the day Jesus died Good Friday?’ and ‘What is the Trinity?’

In History and Geography, the children will be studying: British Prehistory, Rivers and Mountains of the UK, The Roman settlement of Britain and A study of a European city (Rome).

French is taught regularly with the children building on their known vocabulary from Year Three. Our topics for this year include: My Home, My Town, Describing People and The Body.