Year 5

Amy White
Year 5 Class Teacher / Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Year 5 Events

My aim is to create a stimulating, nurturing, inclusive learning environment where all class members are encouraged to be the best they can be and valued for who they are. I encourage the pupils to develop their independence, support each other in their learning and I have high expectations for all so they can achieve the very best. A growth mind-set attitude to their learning allows pupils to understand that mistakes are something to learn from and perseverance is the key to success. I believe learning should be fun and pupils should enjoy their lessons and have a voice in the way they learn.

In English, we aim to continue to develop the children’s love of reading and use challenging and engaging texts as a platform for discussion and writing different genres. Pupils are encouraged to share books they have enjoyed and discover new authors. We explore, fiction, non–fiction and poetry to build understanding of the purpose and effect of writing on an audience. Pupils continue to study model texts looking at varied sentence structure, effective vocabulary and the impact on the reader. These are then used as stepping stones for planning, writing, and editing their own work.

In Mathematics, the children build on the solid mathematical foundations laid further down the school allowing them to extend their knowledge and confidently tackle new concepts. Pupils are encouraged to build on their newly acquired knowledge and extend this by taking on problem solving and reasoning challenges.

In Science, we learn about Earth and Space, Properties and changes of Materials, Living things and their habitats, Animals, including humans and Forces. Within these topics we carry out investigations to answer scientific questions, allowing opportunity for discussion and pupils study famous scientists from history.

In History, pupils build on their chronological understanding of the past, focusing on world and local history. We study early civilisations and their achievements, focusing on the Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Mayans. Pupils explore methods of historical enquiry and the use of evidence. We explore our local history tracing how aspects of national history are reflected in our local area.

In Geography, we study North and South America to build our geographical locational knowledge, develop our map reading skills and understand key aspects of human and physical geography.

In RE, our learning centres around discussing and exploring key questions to extend our understanding of different religions and the world around us, for example, Do Sikhs need the Guru Granth Sahib? and Was Jesus the Messiah?

In ICT/Computing pupils continue to focus on computer science, information technology and digital literacy. We use block coding to design animations and games; selecting sequences and using repetition and variables within these. Technology is used across the curriculum to accomplish given goals, for example collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data; we use a range of software to support this. We continue to learn the importance of online safety, when and where to get support and to be discerning in evaluation of digital content.

In Art and D&T we work creatively and develop our evaluation skills to improve techniques and designs. We begin the year by developing our sketching skills using pencils, charcoal and chalk. Later in the year, we make biscuits and their packaging and study the work of William Morris and Rodin, exploring printing and sculpture.

In PE, pupils apply previously learnt skills and extend these through a number of sports, for example, tag rugby, gymnastics and athletics. Pupils develop their understanding of how to evaluate their personal success and support others to develop techniques and achieve. We focus on developing team communication and collaboration and pupils take part in a number of inter-house tournaments throughout the year.

In PSHE, we cover a number of different topic areas including; All about me, Say no to bullying, Going for Goals and Relationships.

In Modern Foreign Languages we continue to learn French, we build on our previous knowledge, continuing to practise earlier vocabulary and learn new. We use songs, games and stories to build confidence and support pupils understanding.

In Year 5 we have the opportunity to sing with others schools as part of the Young Voices Choir. Pupils learn about different periods of music and the history behind the songs we are singing. Pupils also follow the Charanga music scheme to develop their understanding of musical concepts.

Year 5 Fitness

Year 5 have been undertaking a variety of fitness activities thinking about how exercise effects our bodies and learning how to take and record their heart rates.  One of the activities they did was fitness monopoly where they worked in groups, selecting a leader and carried out the exercises accordingly. 

Children’s Mental Health Week

For Children’s Mental Health Week, this year, the theme is all about GROWING TOGETHER – we thought about how much we have grown and how we see things differently as we get older. Everyone brought in something to share that helps them grow and express themselves. We then made a 

Year 5 Liddington Residential – October 2021

Year 5 had a fantastic residential at PGL, taking part in some adrenalin filled activities! We had so much fun, encouraging each other to try new things, reach new heights and get very wet when rafting! Well done everyone, you should be proud of your achievements.