Sports Ambassadors update – WE 18th October 2019

The Sports Ambassadors have had a busy week this week running sessions on Tuesday for Reception through to Year4 focusing on teamwork and communication. Each house colour had a class to work with which consisted of about 6-8 children.  They did fantastically well as it was the first time Year5 had done one.  They organised the equipment needed, managed the group they were working with, set up the activity and demonstrated it to the group. They worked closely with the pupils helping them with their underarm throwing technique, encouraging them to work together as a team, how to talk effectively to one another to allow their team to score a point and also made changes to the game if it wasn’t working for their group. The Sports Ambassadors demonstrated good organisation and leadership skills, used encouragement well, and worked very well as teams.


On Thursday lunchtime they ran their first 3v3 mixed Key Stage 2 football league session. They had previously announced it in assembly and had 8 teams sign up which was fantastic.  The Sports Ambassadors undertook a variety of roles including, refereeing, running the line, time keeping, recording scores, organising the teams ready to play, and photographer.  They did a fantastic job and the pupils playing thoroughly enjoyed it.  The Ambassadors showed great control of the games and encouraged and helped players on the field. It was fantastic to see so many other pupils come along and support.  This is an ongoing league and will run every Thursday lunchtime allowing all teams to play each other. Each game lasts for 4 mins one way and all teams must have at least 1 girl on the pitch at all times.  There are rolling subs allowing for all members of the team to get involved. In order for this part to be more effective next week each team has been assigned a Sports Ambassador as a manager.  The results are posted on the PE cupboard door for all pupils to see.

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