Update – Thursday Football League

Another fantastically well run lunchtime football league!

The Ambassadors are growing in confidence each week which is lovely to see. They are becoming more assertive and happier to take on a variety of roles even if they are not confident doing it alone. The buddy system has come into play, teaming up with another ambassador who has a greater knowledge and understanding of the game. They are now coaching a team each and making sure that all players are getting time on the pitch as well as acting as referee, running the line, organising players, recording scores and match reporting.

This week was focusing on good sportsmanship and encouraging the shaking of hands at the end of each game. After debrief of the last two weeks it was decided that some of the weaker teams could field all of their players at the same time, or that one of the ambassadors would play on their team. This proved very effective and made for more enjoyable football for all of those playing as its helped make the competition fairer

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