Year 2 share their Pizza Express writing with us…

Our Trip to Pizza Express

On Wednesday 8th January, Year 2 went to Pizza Express in Henley on Thames to make mouth wateringly delicious pizzas. Read on to find out about our amazing trip!


Firstly, we all got into some of the parent’s cars and travelled to the restaurant. Next, we went inside and met our chefs Lisa, Robert and Rita. Then, we put on our aprons, washed our hands and put on the chef’s hats. We were ready to start! So, as we lined up around the long table Lisa sprinkled flour all over it so that our dough wouldn’t become stuck. Then, we flipped our dough over to cover it in flour. Next, we flattened it with our hands to make the pizza base. After that, we placed our base in a metal pan. Soon after, we made sure the base filled the pan by pushing it towards the edges with our fingertips to make the crust. Suddenly Lisa dolloped a ladle of juicy, red tomato sauce on our pizzas and Robert and Rita gave us each a spoon to spread it over the base. Then, it was time to add the cubes of mozzarella cheese to make it extra tasty! Eventually, we were ready to send them to the oven. Whilst, the pizzas were cooking we played some awesome and exciting races. Team Margherita and Team Pepperoni were both determined to find out who could pass the dough the fastest – it was so much fun! Sadly, the pizzas were ready and it was time to go back to school. Finally, we waved goodbye, said thank you and got back into the parent’s cars clutching our yummy pizzas.


We had an amazing time and think all of you would enjoy this trip too.


Shared Writing by Year 2

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